Meet Friends at a Jazz Club near Des Plaines

Man playing a saxophone in a jazz band

Jazz originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, making it one of America’s original art forms. The saxophone became the genre’s most distinctive instrument in the 1920s, while the 1950s saw the advent of free jazz, which played without regular meter, beat, and formal structures. If you would like to enjoy a night […]

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Find Colorful Paintings at a Nearby Gallery

art gallery in Des Plaines

Are you looking to fill a blank space with a colorful painting? If so, head to one of the following art galleries where you’ll find incredible works by an array of artists: Martin Lawrence Galleries For more than 25 years, theĀ Martin Lawrence GalleriesĀ has presented original pieces by pop art icons, modern masters, and contemporary artists. […]

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